EMFs And Children

EMFs And Children

children using cellular phonesMore than any other generation in history, today’s children are exposed to large amounts of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on a daily basis. Children’s bodies are bombarded by these fields emitted from cell phones, WiFi, computers, televisions, power lines, household appliances and compact florescent light bulbs. Every electrical device that exists in a child’s environment emits an EMF, adding to this atmosphere of electromagnetism. Surprisingly, many of these EMFs have not been adequately tested to determine that long-term exposure is safe. To the contrary, many studies show strong correlations between EMFs and health problems in children as well as in adults, such as leukemia and brain cancer. In light of these studies, the amount of EMF exposure that children endure on a daily basis is very concerning.

If you are a parent, teacher or childcare worker you are probably wondering what EMFs pose a risk to the children entrusted to you and what you can do to protect them. This web site is designed to inform you about the adverse effects that EMFs have on children as well as to provide feasible ideas for creating a safer electromagnetic environment for them. By using this web site, incorporating some of its tips on EMF protection into your life, and sharing what you learn here with others you will be taking a huge step in creating a healthier environment for children.

What is EMF?

When people say EMF, what they actually mean is a three-dimensional force that exists in all of nature, and in varying degrees. EMF stands for the electromagnetic-force. It is a force exerted where electric fields are present. At the atomic level, electric fields do exist in order to hold atoms and molecules together. At the macro-molecular level, EMF is emitted by various objects, such as those running on electricity and those that have a strong electric current running through them. Your refrigerator at home has an EMF, and so do your modem, mobile phone, and television. Your body has its own EMF as well!

So why are people scared about something that exists in nature? The thing is, too much of a good thing is bad. Some large-scale EMF, such as those emitted by high energy power lines and cell site towers, can alter how your cells behave and how they produce certain enzymes and proteins. Prolonged exposure to EMF can alter even how you feel. You might have more frequent, stronger headaches, or you might be sick more often. Small wonder that people who work with power lines are given a lot of protective equipment!

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Having an EMF means that something radiates energy. This means that your cell phones and computers emit radiation because of the EMF that they generate. This radiation might lead to headaches and could affect how your body functions.

One way for you to keep yourself safe is not to live near high energy, dense power lines, or by cell site towers. Another way is to avoid buying a lot of electric gadgets altogether. This is impossible, especially if you live in a densely populated city or town, and if you have to use a lot of electronic gadgets around your home or office.

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